Right click in the low right panel will trigger a context menu.
'Slide show', 'Video show','Thumbnails' decide whether to show rewards.
'Options' will trigger an option dialog window.







User option page can change name and level of player.
If you create your own questions, "Use local files" is used to set folder location.










Reward option page can set picture and video folder, and decide number of correct answers before showing reward.
If you check Use Web Games as rewards, links in this page will appear as reward. Right click in the links area will allow adding or deleting links.
When showing pictures, if there is sound file with same file name, it will be played. For example, "01.jpg" and "01.wav"is a pair. With picture and sound, children can learn alphabets and other knowledge. Control panel will appear when playing sound. Support audio formats are wma,wax,mp2,mp3,mpa,mid,midi,rmi,aif,aifc,aiff,au,snd,wav,cda.










When children reach level 35, you can try 'Enabled Go Play'.
Please download gnugo-3.6, and use 'GNUGo Location' to find its location.

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